Amateur Radio Station
at the
National Hurricane Center

WX4NHC Annual On-The-Air Test
June 1st 2013

Celebrating 33 years of Amateur Radio at the Hurricane Center
and marking the first day of the 2013 Hurricane Season.

Announcement from WX4NHC

Amateur Radio Station at the National Hurricane Center
WX4NHC Hurricane Season 2013 On-The-Air Station Test

Saturday, June 1st, 2013 from 9AM-5PM EDT (1300z-2100z)

The purpose of this event is to test the NHC Amateur Radio Station equipment, antennas and computers.
We will also be perform operator training in preparation for this year’s Hurricane Season.

We will be making informal contacts on many frequencies and modes and would
appreciate signal reports and basic weather data exchange ("Sunny", or "Rain", etc.) from stations in any location.  

WX4NHC will be On-The-Air on HF, VHF, UHF and 2 & 30 meter APRS.
We plan on testing on the following voice frequencies +/- QRM
3.950 MHz, 7.268MHz, 14.325MHz, 21.325MHz, 28.425MHz.
We will try to stay on 14.325 MHz most of the time and announce when we QSY.
You may be able to find us on HF by using one of the DX Spotting Networks,
Such as the DX Summit Web Site:

We will also be on VoIP Hurricane Net 1pm-3pm EDT (1700z-1900z)
(IRLP node 9219 / EchoLink WX-TALK Conference node 7203). 

Local South Florida area VHF & UHF Repeaters will be contacted.

Non-Ham Radio Weather Enthusiasts are invited to submit their actual weather using the
On-Line Hurricane Report Form at

QSL Cards are available via WD4R.
Please send your card with a S.A.S.E.
Please do NOT send QSLs directly to the Hurricane Center address, as it will get delayed.

Due to security measures, NO VISITORS will be allowed entry to NHC without prior clearance from NHC Security.
Only WX4NHC Operators on the NHC pre-approved operating schedule will be allowed entry.

Thank you for your participation in the WX4NHC Hurricane Annual Season Station Test.

 Julio Ripoll Architect WD4R
 WX4NHC Amateur Radio Asst. Coordinator 
 Celebrating 33 years at the
 National Hurricane Center 




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