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Citizen Weather Observers Program

If you have a weather station and access to Internet, NOAA needs your observations.

Your real-time data will be used in NOAA weather prediction models and appear on their web site:

Making your data available is simple and free.

All observations entered in the NOAA system use a distinctive identification number. If you are a radio amateur you will use your call sign for identification.

Non-amateur observers should click below to obtain their personal CW number. You will be asked for your first name, last name, e-mail, nearby town, state and elevation above sea-level (meters).

 Your elevation can be determined from, select a map with 1:25,000 scale. Convert your elevation in feet to meters by multiplying by .305 (2000 feet times .305 = 610 meters)

 After you have your CW number return to this page to download software and complete your registration.

See Chart below for instructions and FAQ on installing Weather Display Lite.

See chart below to download and install FREE Internet software.
The program has numerous weather display features and will synchronize your computer´┐Żs clock with time from the United States Naval Observatory.

After you have installed and tested the software, you will be instructed to send an e-mail to NOAA requesting registration.

Radio amateurs with an active APRS weather station will not need to download the weather software. The instructions include information on how to register.

Approximately two weeks after registration is complete, your data will be forwarded to NOAA and appear on their web site

If you have questions please contact:

To see how your data will be displayed, visit the NOAA website at


The page lists observations from over 3000 stations and may require a minute or two to load.
It includes a variety of zoom and selection features.

CWOP Certificate

(click on image for larger view)

 Many thanks for continuing your participation in the Citizens Weather Observer Program (CWOP)




Weather Display Lite Instructions

Weather Display Lite Instructions

Weather Display Lite Instructions

(get Adobe Acrobat Reader Free)

Weather Display Lite

Weather Display Lite
Frequently Asked Questions

 Weather Display Lite
Frequently Asked Questions

Weather Display Lite Program

Weather Display Lite Program V8.27M (2.7mb)
(click to download)



Weather-Display and APRS-Lite software are the property of Brian Hamilton

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