Amateur Radio Station WX4NHC
at the
National Hurricane Center

Kenneth Graham WX4KEG
Director of The National Hurricane Center

"A note to the American Radio Relay League and all volunteer amateur radio operators around the world,

Greetings my fellow HAM radio operators. As the incoming Director of the National Hurricane Center, I want to take a moment to thank you for the important work you do to ensure communications continue during and after a disaster.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, HAM radio was the only remaining method of communication for many of us in the disaster zone. My handheld and the base unit at the New Orleans National Weather Service Office were our only links to the outside world. I cannot stress enough how critical redundant methods of communications are during and after a disaster.
As the infrastructure fails, it is you all that keep the two-way dissemination of critical information going.

We at the National Hurricane Center recognize and value the role of WX4NHC and all of the amateur radio operators with whom they connect. As we saw during last years extremely busy hurricane season, the next hurricane to impact our area is always just around the corner After experiencing the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, I can tell you we cannot do without WX4NHC to ensure we can continue to perform our mission responsibilities.

We too have to be ready for the next storm. Testing WX4NHC is vital to ensure we are ready for anything the hurricane season will bring.

I cannot thank all the amateur radio volunteers enough for their ongoing dedication to our shared mission of saving lives.

73s to you all and I look forward to working with my fellow HAMs. Kenneth E. Graham, WX4KEG National Hurricane Center."

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