National Hurricane Conference 2008

Here are some pictures of our trip to the 2008 National Hurricane Conference in Orlando, Florida.

John McHugh and I were selected as Speakers for the Work Shop on Amateur Radio, along with the VoIP Hurricane Net and the ARRL.
Our presentation was about our work at the National Hurricane Centerís Amateur Radio Station WX4NHC
and Emergency Communications modes and methods used during hurricanes to gather Surface Data and relay
Hurricane Advisories, as well as providing backup communications to the affected areas for NHC.
Our Ham Radio Station WX4NHC and our group of 35 volunteer operators have been a very active part of NHC since 1980.

(WD4R photo)
John McHugh K4AG, NHC Director Bill Read KB5FYA, Julio Ripoll WD4R
Video Interview of NHC Director Bill Read (KB5FYA) on Ham Radio and Hurricanes.
(click on link below) (Video by Danny Musten & the Storm Study Team)

(WD4R photo)
John McHugh, Billy Wagner (former Monroe County - Keys Emergency Manager),
Max Mayfield (former NHC Director), Julio Ripoll

(KG4EDW photo)
Dennis Dura K2DCD, ARRL Emergency Communications Manager

(KG4EDW photo)
Danny Musten KD4RAA, Julio Ripoll WD4R, John McHugh K4AG, John Van Pelt K4JVP
Storm Study Team

(WD4R photo)
NHC 2008 EXPO Entrance

(WD4R photo)
VoIP Hurricane Net Managers and Dennis K2DCD visit WX4NHC

(WD4R photo)
VoIP Hurricane Net Managers and Dennis K2DCD visit NHC
VoIP Hurricane Net

Special Thanks to the following people that helped put together the 2008 NHC Amateur Radio Work Shop:
Dennis Dura K2DCD, ARRL HQ
Rob Macedo KD1CY, VoIP Hurricane Net
Jim Palmer KB1KQW, VoIP Hurricane Net
Mike Leger N1YLQ, VoIP Hurricane Net
Danny Musten KD4RAA, Storm Study Team
John Van Pelt K4JVP, Storm Study Team
Brandon McLamb KG4EDW, Storm Study Team
John McHugh K4AG, WX4NHC
Julio Ripoll WD4R, WX4NHC


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