Amateur Radio Station WX4NHC
at the
National Hurricane Center

QST - Message to all Amateur Radio Operators

Bill Read, KB5FYA, Director of The National Hurricane Center
sent this message via Ham Radio during our
Annual WX4NHC Station 2008 Hurricane Season On-The-Air Exercise.

"CQ all Amateur Radio Operators.

This is Bill Read, KB5FYA, Director of the National Hurricane Center.

We all know how important it is to maintain communications during a hurricane
to relay our Hurricane Warnings to those in the affected area
which may have no other means to receive this vital information. 

 We are also very appreciative for the surface reports
from those in the storm which add to our database
and help our Forecasters better visualize what is actually happening at the ground level in real time.

As our own Ham Radio Station, WX4NHC,
celebrates it's 28th year of volunteer service at The National Hurricane Center,
we extend our thanks to all Ham Radio operators
that continue to support our mission to help save lives.

Thank you and 73.


This is KB5FYA at WX4NHC,

National Hurricane Center,



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