WX4NHC Online Hurricane Weather Report Form

Amateur Radio Operators and Volunteer Weather Observers within 300 miles of a hurricane are asked
to send information listed on this hurricane report form to the National Hurricane Center.
SAFETY FIRST! Please do NOT put yourself in any danger trying to collect information.
Please be sure to indicate if the information is Measured or Estimated

Original Reporting Station : (Amateur Radio Call Sign or First & Last name of original observer)

Email Address:
Phone: (area code) + number

Geographic Location of Observation:

City: State: Zip:


Location (Latitude/Longitude):N W

Date of Observation:

Time of Observation:
(GMT - Greenwich Mean Time is preferred) (also known as Zulu or UTC)

Please indicate if your Wind Measurements are measured with weather instruments or estimated.
Indicate if Measured or Estimated ? :

Sustained Wind Speed:
(One minute)

Gust Speed:

Wind Direction:

Barometric Pressure:
(must be attained using calibrated barometer.)

Weather Instrumentation:
(Anemometer height, manufacture, model number, distance from coast)
(Relay Station or person, if applicable and additional weather or eye witness damage or flooding information)
(Flooding, Storm Surge, Rain amount, Damage Report, etc...)

The information you are submitting will help NHC help people being affected by the Hurricane.
Please be respectful of our Humanitarian effort and help those in need by not filing false reports.
Your IP Address has been recorded.

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Detailed Reports and pictures can be emailed to WX4NHC :

Thank you for your help!

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