Hurricane Weather Report Form

Print this form and use it as a checklist as you collect all the data
needed to submit a Hurricane Weather Report in the preferred format.

SAFETY FIRST! Please do NOT put yourself in any danger trying to collect information.
Please report only winds over 35 mph or significant weather events.

Reporting Station:__________________________________________
(Amateur Radio Call Sign or First & Last Name)
Email Address:________________________
Phone Number: (_____)___________________ (area code) + number

Geographic Location:
City:________________________________ State:____________

Location (Latitude/Longitude):________ North / ________ West

Date:_____________________ (month-day-year)

Time of Observation:_______ (indicate time zone)(GMT preferred)

Please indicate if your Wind Measurements are
measured with weather instruments or estimated.
( ) Measured ( ) Estimated

Sustained Wind Speed:_____________ MPH KNOTS KPH(Kilometers Per Hour)
(Over One Minute)
Gust Speed:_______________________ MPH KNOTS KPH
Wind Direction:__________ / ________Degrees

Barometric Pressure:_________________ Inches Millibars
(measured with calibrated barometer)

Weather Instruments: (Anemometer height, make, model, location)



Comments:(Rain amount, Storm Surge, Damage Report, etc...)





This form can also be Faxed to WX4NHC.
Please only fax this form, during a Hurricane, if Online Reporting is not available.
This fax number is only attended during impending Hurricanes. 

To submit a report via Online Hurricane Weather Report Form, click here.

The information you are submitting will help people being affected by the Hurricane.
Please be respectful of our Humanitarian effort and help those in need by not filing false reports.

The Volunteers at WX4NHC thank you for joining the volunteer weather Observers Network of the National Hurricane Center (ON-NHC).

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