NOAA Hurricane Hunters Tour 2001

(from left to right)
John McHugh KU4GY / Cpt. Dave Tennesen NL7MT / Lt. John Adler KD6CFW / Flt. Dir. Tom Shepherd WB5ELO / Julio Ripoll WD4R

The WX4NHC Coordinators enjoyed a personalized tour of NOAA's Hurricane Hunter WP-3D "Orion" airplane.
Three of the crew members we met with were Ham Radio Operators.
Even though this airplane's nickname is "Miss Piggy", the job they do is very serious.
This airplane has penetrated 59 Hurricanes since 1977.
Cpt. Tennesen NL7MT contacted WX4NHC directly last year from the eye of
Hurricane Debby to test backup HF communications to NHC.
During our tour, we discussed plans to install an APRS TNC to beacon on 30 meters and
track on Internet APRS sites like
APRS Net or
WX4NHC will be donating some of the equipment and assisting with setup and testing.
A public announcement will be made once the equipment is installed and tested.
Our thanks to the crew of the Hurricane Hunters for their dedication and important contributions to Hurricane Forecasting.

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