Amateur Radio Station W4EHW
at the
National Hurricane Center

photo: Julio Ripoll WD4R
N3BDW receives Award from NHC
(from left to right)
Jim Lushine NHC/NWS, Jerry Herman N3BDW Hurricane Watch Net

At the W4EHW Hurricane Conference, Feb. 1999, our esteemed colleague, Jerry Herman N3BDW, Manager of the Hurricane Watch Net,
receives a Certificate of Commendations from the National Hurricane Center.

Jerry Herman and the Hurricane Watch Net (HWN) work very closely with W4EHW and maintain the vital net on 14.325 Mhz.
The HWN receives weather surfaces reports from stations in the affected area and relays this information to W4EHW at the Hurricane Center.
HWN also relays the Hurricane Advisories to stations in the affected area, who may not have other means of receiving this important information, than over ham radio.

The W4EHW group are very grateful and happy with the outstanding relationship with HWN for more than 20 years

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