W4EHW NWS Special Event 2001
Skywarn Recognition Day

On December 1st, 2001, W4EHW participated in the annual NWS Skywarn Recognition Day Special Event representing the National Hurricane Center.

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The purpose of the Special Event is to celebrate the contributions of amateur radio operators during times of severe weather and to test Amateur Radio communications from NWS Centers nationwide.

The W4EHW Station was operated from Friday 7pm EST through Saturday 7pm EST using a total of 11 operators.
W4EHW/NWS Special Event Operators:
Ted Andros W0URN, Hank Collins W8KIW, Louis Cruz N4LDG, Paul Hunt K1MJS, Gary Jacobs WA4PDM, Joel Kandel KI4T , Brendan McCarthy KG4DKF, John McHugh KU4GY, Nick Pikarsky N4EVB, Julio Ripoll WD4R, Ray Vaughan KD4BBM

Even though we experienced a severe solar storm during most of Saturday, we were able to make 170 Total contacts on all HF bands SSB, CW, PSK31, VHF and UHF.
We worked stations in 41 States and stations in the Caribbean such as Barbados, St. Croix, Puerto Rico and Dominica.
We also worked DX stations in Canada, Europe, Africa, South America and the Pacific such as England, Sweden, Czechoslovakia, Argentina, Brazil, and Rwanda.

There were 96 NWS Stations on the air nationwide during this event.

Further information about this NWS Special Event, NWS pictures and NWS Certificates please visit the NWS Ham Radio Web Site http://hamradio.noaa.gov/

Thank you for your participation.

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