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What do I need and what do I do?

The first requirement of course is a weather station, there are several brands available that perform quite well. This station should be installed in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations together with with those developed by NOAA staff in order to get the most reliable and accurate readings

Now, when a storm approaches your area and the winds begin to pick up, we would like you to email your data to us at about one hour intervals. You can also use our online Hurricane Report Form If the "eye" of a hurricane is likely to pass over or within 50 miles of you , then we would like the data at 30 minute intervals.

If your system is not equipped as noted below, please consider the following items when you next decide to modify your system or obtain a new system.
1. A back-up power supply. Often the power goes out and when it does, both past and future data is sometimes lost.
2. Standardization of the anemometer. The National Weather Service (NWS) standard is for anemometers to be at 10 meters (33 ft.) above ground level and to be situated in an open location (unobstructed by trees, etc.) While it is usually impossible to do this at one's home, the anemometer should be securely fastened. If on a home, locate the anemometer as far above the roof top as possible and give serious consideration to guying it to prevent movement during the storm. By the way, the NWS definition of wind speeds includes two parts, a "sustained" wind speed ( a 1-minute average) and gusts.
3. Maintain a "trace" and/or electronic archive. Some anemometers and/or barometers have the capability to graph the data on paper or record the information on a computer diskette. This gives you a more continuous and permanent record.

Again, thank you. We look forward to hearing from you!"
Please read the section on obtaining accurate wind speeds

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