Amateur Radio Station
at the
National Hurricane Center

The WX4NHC Amateur Radio Station
a.k.a. "The WX4NHC Hurricane Shack"

The WX4NHC Shack is located inside the National Hurricane Center, affectionately known as the new building. At the old Center (which was badly damaged during hurricane Andrew in 1992) amateurs shared a crowded office with the Hurricane Specialists. Space was limited for equipment and antennas and there were often more maps, reports and literature than "ham" gear on the operating desk. (see Station History)

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WX4NHC Amateur Radio Station Operating Positions
photos: Julio Ripoll WD4R

Generous donations from many manufacturers and others have allowed WX4NHC to build a station that is able to utilize current amateur technology. Transceivers and antennas are available for all bands from 80 meters to 440 MHz. Nearly 2000 feet of coaxial cable connect the station to antennas mounted on a roof-top walkway.


In the new building the "WX4NHC Hurricane Shack" is a spacious work station. There are several radios, two computers, telephone lines, a FAX line, an Internet connection and uninterruptible power (even the linear amplifier has a UPS). On the roof we have 8 antennas, with some more stored inside the building as replacements in the case of a direct hit.

The National Hurricane Center & WX4NHC Amateur Radio Station
Located at the Florida International University Campus, Miami, Florida
photo: Julio Ripoll WD4R

WX4NHC Station QSL Card (click here)

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