W4EHW Pre Hurricane Season Test 2001
On Saturday, June 2 W4EHW had our annual pre hurricane season exercise at NHC.

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The W4EHW Station was operated from 9am-6pm EDT with 4 operators.
The purpose of this station exercise was to test the all of our radio equipment, antennas and
computers systems, including Internet On-Line Reporting and email.
We also trained 4 new W4EHW operators.

Tests and Contacts were made on all HF bands, VHF, UHF, VHF SSB, VHF APRS and HF APRS.

We conducted extensive tests of our HF linear amplifier to check for interference
with the NOAA GOES 8 satellite system.
In the last two years we have been unable to use it, but with a combination of us adding a bigger
low pass filter on the output and NOAA changing their satellite dish arrangement
we got a clean bill of health to use it by the NHC Technician.

We had HF contacts with some of the "
CARMEN" operators
(see our web page for this interesting and exciting project).

We also had, for the first time, operations on PSK31.

NP2B St. Croix QSO
One of the most exciting and unique contacts during our TEST was
on 20 meters SSB with John Ellis NP2B, SM, St. Croix USVI.

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