Amateur Radio Station WX4NHC
at the
National Hurricane Center

WX4NHC Weather in a Bottle Award
This is the emergency communications device of last resort.

First Awarded to John Ellis, NP2B, St. Croix for 1998 Hurricane Season.
KF4TRG/C6A/mm, Marty Brown, Abacos Bahamas for 1999 Hurricane Season.
V31MX, Jay Hoskelis, Caulker Caye Belize for 2000 Hurricane Season.
KC4CYK/C6A/mm, Wayne Wilkinson, Highbourne Cay Bahamas for 2001 Hurricane Season
NL7MT/Hurricane Hunter Capt. David Tennesen / 2002 Hurricane Season
VP9HK, Tony Siese, Bermuda / 2003 Hurricane Season
C6AGH Earl Russell, Abacos Island Bahamas / 2004 Hurricane Season


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